Fan Fiction

The Time of the Great Giving, Part 2
By Dwayne Anderson

Part 2

Back at Planet Express, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" said Scruffy.

The door opens, revealing Morris and Mundy.

"We're here!" said Morris.

"Merry Xmas," said Scruffy.

"We brought something for the Xmas dinner tonight," said Mundy. She takes the lid off the pot she's carrying. Inside, is what looks like a roasted chicken.

"Looks delicious," said Scruffy.

"It's actually roadkill," said Morris.

"Just put it in the kitchen for now," said Scruffy. "Hermes has taken over as the chef since Fry, Leela, and Bender went on a special delivery."

"When will our daughter be back?" asked Mundy.

"Later," said Scruffy. "Come on in."

In outer space, the Planet Express ship flew towards its destination. In the distance, was a planet with a red, white and green surface. A dark grey moon was nearby.

"There it is!" said Fry.

"Let's go finish this delivery quickly," said Leela. "I want to go home quickly so that I can see my parents."

She approached the planet Yuletide. Little did the trio know of what awaited them.

Back at Planet Express, everyone was finishing up decorating.

There was another knock on the door. It was answered by Amy.

Outside stood Kif.

"Ho ho ho," he said. "Merry Xmas Amy!"

He held mistletoe above his head. Giggling, Amy kissed him. She turned around, to see Zoidberg dangling mistletoe above his head.

"How about kissing me while you're at it?" suggested Zoidberg.

"Forget it, Zoidberg!" said Amy. "I would rather die than kiss you!"

"It's Xmas," said Zoidberg. "If you and everyone else was nicer to me, you'd get presents from Santa, too."

Amy shuddered. "I knew there was a catch!" she said. While she wanted to get at least one Xmas present, being nice to Zoidberg was too much.

"Then I'll kiss him," said Kif. And he did.

Zoidberg wiped his cheek. "That's so beautiful!" he said.

Back on the faraway planet, the ship landed in the town square. Fry came out first. A crowd began to gather nearby.

"That's odd," Fry said to himself. "There's no snow anywhere!"

Fry stepped down onto the ground off the steps.

"Pardon me, sir," Fry said to a elderly man standing nearby, "is this the planet Yuletide?"

"Yes it is."

"Well, we're from the Planet Express delivery service on Planet Earth. We're here to make a delivery."

"Well you've certainly come to the right place, young man!"

The hatch under the ship opened up.

"Ok Leela!" said Fry. "Let it down!"

Bender turned the crank to lower the giant package. Leela stood on top of it as it descended downwards.

When the parcel landed on the ground below, Leela hopped off it. Bender raised the hook back up.

Leela and Fry grabbed a ribbon hanging on opposite sides of the parcel and pulled. The bow on top of the package untied itself, causing the sides of the parcel to fall down.

The crowd eagerly awaited to see what it was, but when they saw what was inside, they gasped.

There stood a large Christmas tree.

"Merry Christmas!" said Fry and Leela with outstretched arms.

The crowd gasped again.

"What's with you people?" asked Leela. "Don't you people celebrate the holiday every day?"

"We used to," a young man said. "But Christmas is now outlawed."

"Huh?!" Leela and Fry said together.

"What the hell is going on here?!" a voice demanded.

The crowd broke up as a middle-aged man with black hair, wearing a black suit came through, several guards behind him.

"Who the hell do you two think you are?" he demanded. "Don't you know the law?! Christmas is banned!"

"It is?" asked Leela. "Sorry, we didn't know."

"No excuses!" said the mayor. "Guards, arrest them immediately!"

Just as the guards advanced forth, a voice was heard.


The crowd broke up again as a young man with medium length brown hair came through.

"Don't arrest those people!" he said. "It was my fault. I placed the order for the Christmas tree."

The crowd gasped.

"You?!" the mayor cried. "This is an outrage! Who would have thought that the first person to defy the law I passed on year ago, would be my would-be son-inlaw!"

"I just wanted to bring back a little Christmas cheer," said Louis.

"Arrest him immediately!" the mayor ordered his guards.

The guards advanced towards Louis.

Leela and Fry grabbed him by the shoulders. "Let's get out of here!" said Leela. And they ran back to the ship.

"Stop them!" the mayor ordered.

The guards pulled out their guns and fired. The cannons spewed out small heavy iron balls.

As the trio turned to climb up the steps leading up into the ship, a ball hit Fry in the crotch.

"YEOW!" he cried. "Now I know the true meaning of the word `Nutcracker'!"

Clutching his groin, he ran up into the ship with Leela and Louis, dodging the balls as they did.

When they were safely inside, Leela raised the steps, climbed into the pilot's seat.

"Hang on!" she said.

As the Planet Express ship began to ascend, the guards fired their guns up towards it. The balls began to hit the ship, making small dents, before finally, the ship was able to lift off into the sky and disappear into the horizon.

The guards ceased fire.

"Imcompetence!" the mayor exclaimed.

"Sorry sir," apologized the guards.

"While you're here, burn this abomination!" said the mayor pointing at the tree.

In the ship, Leela and Fry pondered the events as to what happened.

"What happened?" asked Leela. "I thought Yuletide celebrated Christmas everyday."

"We used to," said Louis. "But one year ago, something terrible happened. The mayor's daughter was taken by a strange force, just as I was about to be pronounced her husband. The events of last year seemed to have hardened our mayor's heart.

"And I thought the snow never melted on this planet," said Fry as he gazed out the window at the land below.

"Is there anything we can do to help?" asked Leela.

"There must be a way," said Louis. "We must seek out the Winter Enchantress. Perhaps she can help us."

Even though Leela wanted to return to Earth to see her parents, her compassion spurred her stay longer on this planet.

"Alright then," said Leela. "My parents can wait. Where to?"

"Hold on just a darn minute!" Bender said. "I thought we were going home after the delivery!"

"We can stay a bit longer," said Fry.

"If Hermes messes up my Christmas dinner, I'll kill him!" said Bender.

"The Winter Enchantress makes her home in the northern mountains," said Louis. "We must go there now."

"Alright," said Leela. "Let's go!"


To Be Continued