Fan Fiction

The Wedding, part 1
By Frosty

[Many months later, Fry was standing at the alter in the Temple of Robotolgy. Bender was at his left side, and Amy was on his far right. Adjusting his tie, he heard the music start up. The doors opened and Leela walked in with her father. Fry smiled as she made her way towards him, in her hands she held a red bouquet with a single purple flower that Fry had slipped in before the wedding. After what felt like an eternity to him, Leela was standing across from him, holding his hand.]

Preacherbot: We are gather here today to witness the marriage between Phillip and Leela. The couple has written their own vows that we will all pretend to be interested in.

[Leela received a index card from Amy and looked at Fry, taking a deep breath.]

Leela: Phillip J. Fry, since the day we met, you’ve always had a special place in my heart. You were the one who showed me that I could do what ever I wanted with my life. Even when I made some bad decisions, you were the one to help me through them. I know for the first few years we knew each other, I didn’t show you how much you really meant for me, but now I can show you every day. When you came home from Mars University, and you first called me, I knew that we would end up here some day. All my life, I’ve been looking for is someone who takes care of me, makes me laugh, and loves me more than life itself. I’m sorry I couldn’t realize that you were that person until now, but we both know that no matter what, we’re going to be together forever. I promise to love you and take care of you, everyday for the rest of my life.

[Fry smiled and squeezed her hand. Carefully, he reached in his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. Unfolding it, he cleared his throat and felt his hands shake. Here he was, getting married to the girl of his dreams, and was about to pour his heart out in front of everyone.]

Fry: Leela, I’ll always remember the day we met, because it was one of the happiest days of my life. When we were down in Old New York, and you held my hand, I knew, at that moment, you were the person I wanted to spend my life with. Even though you always rejected me, I never gave up. Everyone always said I was crazy for chasing after you for years and years. But hey, love makes people crazy. You know I’d do anything for you, and I know you’d do anything for me. I mean, you’re here right now, getting married to me.

[Leela laughed and everyone else in the church did too. Fry saw Leela’s eye well up with tears.]

Fry: I can’t wait to start my life with you, to start a family. I mean, when I look in your eye, I see two or three kids, minivans, and a new house with the white picket fence. Trips to the dentist, driving the kids to school, watching the track meets, basketball games, dance recitals, and school plays. I say track meets and basketball games because I hate soccer like most Americans.

[Fry took a deep breath and chuckled a bit.]

Fry: But the weird thing is, none of that scares me, because its all I’ve ever wanted. Leela, I promise to love, respect, make you laugh and care for you, everyday for the rest of my life.

[Leela wiped her eye as Fry put the paper back in his pocket and pulled out a gold ring with diamonds across it. She turned to Amy and was handed to gold ring with a small strip of silver around it. Smiling, Fry slipped the ring on Leela’s finger, letting it meet with her engagement ring. Then Leela, almost crying, slipped the ring on Fry’s finger, and laced her fingers with his.]

Preacherbot: By the power vested in me, blah, blah, blah, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride, so we can get out of here.

[Fry put his arms around her waist and Leela held his arms as they kissed.]

Fry: (whisper) I love you.

Leela: (whisper) I love you too.

[They exited the church hand and hand, making their way to the limo. Once they waved to everyone, the limo pulled away and Leela looked at Fry.]

Leela: I loved your vows.

Fry: Thank you, I loved yours too.

Leela: My favorite was the part about having kids.

Fry: Really?

Leela: Yeah, I’m so glad you said that. You know why?

Fry: Why?

Leela: Because,

[She smiled and laughed happily]

Leela: I’m pregnant!

[Fry’s eyes went wide and soon rolled back into his head. Leela saw him fall onto the floor of the limo.]

Leela: I should of expected that.

[She picked him up and started smacking his face.]

Leela: Fry? Fry!

[His eyes opened and he shook his head.]

Fry: You’re pregnant?

[She just shook her head and Fry leaned back in his seat.]

Fry: Wow, I-I cant believe this.

Leela: Are you upset?

Fry: Upset? No, no of course not. I’m so happy.

Leela: You don’t seem like it.

Fry: I’m just trying to comprehend all of this. Believe me, I’ve never been more happy, I’m just…surprised. You know?

[He squeezed her hand and she smiled.]

Fry: How far are you, do you know?

Leela: I’m not sure, I’m guessing about 6 weeks.

Fry: Well, when we get back from the honey moon, we’re gonna have to find the house with the white picket fence. And if the fence isn’t white, we have to find another house, because I’m not white washing it.

[Leela laughed, causing Fry to point at her.]

Fry: See, I’m already doing a good job of keeping my vows.

Leela: You sure are.

Fry: So, do your parents know?

Leela: Not yet, but we’re going down to their house for breakfast tomorrow. Lets tell them then, and I'd rather wait to tell everyone else.

Fry: Alright,

[He looked out the window and saw they were getting close to the park.]

Leela: I cant wait until we get our picture and we can hang it over our fireplace.

Fry: Yeah, then we can let our kids run around in the backyard with a dog.

Leela: A dog?

Fry: Please?

[She smiled and tried to brush his chin with her fist, but actually punched him hard and he fell to the floor.]

Leela: Oh, oh God! Oh, Jeeze! I’m so sorry, I just meant to brush you lightly. I guess I don’t know my own strength.

Fry: I’m fine.

[He sat back up and rubbed his chin. Leela moved his hand and saw that his chin was all red.]

Leela: Let me fix that for our picture.

[She had her purse in the limo with them, and she pulled out some makeup.]

Leela: Just hold still.

[She applied some blush, that matched his skin color, on his chin.]

Leela: There you go. All better. Just don’t touch it.

Fry: Okay,

[He started looking at it in Leela’s compact mirror and put his hand up to his chin. Leela slapped it away and Fry dropped the mirror.]

Leela: Stop!

Fry: Sorry,

[After a while longer, they arrived at the park where their pictures were going to be taken. Fry got out and took Leela’s hand, helping her out. They walked over to the photographer and shook his hand. Fry put his left arm around her waist and let his right arm stay at his side. Leela put her right arm around his waist and her left hand on his chest. They looked at the camera and smiled.]

[An hour went by, and they finished taking their photos. Getting back in the limo, Fry stole a quick kiss from Leela before getting in.]

[The limo pulled up to a large banquet hall. They walked inside and stood outside of the hall doors.]

DJ: (OS) Please welcome the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Phillip J. Fry!

[The door opened and they saw everyone cheering. Fry looped his arm in Leela’s and they walked in, smiling at everyone. Taking their seats at the main table with Leela’s parents, Bender, Amy, and Kif, when the waiters came by and began to place plates in front of everyone. Fry clinked his glass with a spoon and stood up.]

Fry: Excuse me everyone. I’d like to make a toast to my beautiful wife Leela. I love you, and I cant wait to start our life together.

[Everyone clapped and Fry sat back down. Leela smiled at him and took his hand. Everyone in the room started clinking their glasses and Fry leaned over to kiss Leela. When he pulled away, there was a crash and they looked at Bender.]

Bender: Aw, damnit! I’m not paying for that!

[Fry sighed and looked at the waiter.]

Fry: I’ll write a check.

[Fry was watching as Leela moved around the floor with her dad during their dance. He smiled and felt a hand on his shoulder. Munda was sitting next to him and he turned around and smiled.]

Fry: What’s up?

Munda: Fry, I just wanted to say how glad I am that you’re part of our family now.

Fry: Well thanks. I’m glad too.

[They heard Leela laugh and turned their heads, seeing her and her dad laughing while they were dancing. Fry sighed happily and looked back at Munda.]

Fry: You know, I’ve dreamed for this day for years. Since the day I met her.

Munda: I can tell. You really love her, more than anything?

Fry: Yeah, I would die for her if I had to.

Munda: Well lets hope that never happens.

Fry: It almost has happen.

Munda: Really? When?

Fry: Well when we were still working at Planet Express and we went on a mission to a bee-hive, a space bee was about to sting Leela, so I jumped out in front of her. But the stinger went right through me and she got all the poison. I felt awful afterwards. Do you remember when that happened?

Munda: Yes, someone kept sending us notes about how she was doing by flushing them down the toilet. (pause) That was you wasn’t it?

Fry: Yes, it was.

[Munda took his hand and smiled.]

Munda: Thank you, so much.

Fry: You’re welcome.

[Fry smiled and looked back at Leela. They were going to have their first dance together next, and he couldn’t wait.]

Munda: Let me ask you something Fry. When you came home from Mars U, did you ever think that you would be here right now?

Fry: When I first got home, no I didn’t. I thought she was still married and I didn’t want to get involve with that, knowing if I did, something bad would of happened. But when I saw her article about divorced women, I saw that as my chance. So I called her, and we went out a few days later.

Munda: So did you two have a nice first date?

Fry: Yeah, it was great. The best date I’d ever been on.

Munda: Really? What did you do?

[Fry told her all about their first date and finally got to the point where they kissed in the rain.]

Fry: Its was one of the best moments of my life.

Munda: So then what happened?

Fry: Well, it was storming so we were heading home, but she started freaking out. She said that she was afraid of thunderstorms-

Munda: Since when is she afraid of thunder storms?

Fry: That’s the thing, like me she didn’t want the night to end, so she lied to me. We went back to my house and-

[He remembered what happened, then realized who he was telling this all too. There was no way he could tell her mom about that night. So he lied.]

Fry: I lit a fire, and we finally just fell asleep in front of it. It was really nice.

Munda: That does sound nice. So, is there anything you left out?

[Crap, she was on to him. Fry nervously shook his head and adjusted his tie.]

Fry: No-uh- that’s it.

Munda: Fry?

[He was sweating bullets now, his throat clenched and he tugged at his collar.]

Fry: Is it hot in here?

[Munda started laughing and Fry calmed down a little.]

Munda: Don’t worry, Leela’s an adult and can make her own decisions.

[Fry breathed a sigh of relief and Munda patted his shoulder.]

Munda: You’re a good man Fry. Don’t ever forget that.

Fry: Thank you. But I’m also a lucky man. Because I’ve got Leela and plus now I have you guys as part of my family.

[Munda smiled and Fry looked back at Leela when the music stopped. He felt Munda’s hand on his arm and turned his head.]

Munda: Go on, your wife is waiting.

[He stood up and walked over to Leela. She took his hand and Morris patted Fry’s shoulder. The music started up and they began moving around the floor.]

[A while later, Fry and Leela were sitting at the table with Munda and Morris. Everyone had already gone home, and they were just talking.]

Morris: So where are you two going for your honey moon?

Fry: Actually, Leela doesn’t know. It’s a surprise.

Leela: I hate surprises.

[Fry laughed with Munda and Morris. He took her hand and smiled.]

Leela: Cant you just give me a hint?

Fry: It’s…

Leela: It’s what?

Fry: A surprise.

[She playfully hit his arm as he laughed. Luckily, she didn’t hit him hard like she did in the limo. Morris watched beeped and he looked up.]

Morris: Well, we better go. Our passes are up.

Munda: We’ll see you tomorrow.

[They said their good byes and Fry stood on the sidewalk with Leela.]

Fry: You ready to head home?

Leela: Yeah, lets go.

[They walked to the car, and Fry held the door open for Leela before he got in.]

[Once they got home, Fry found the right key and opened the door. Before Leela could step inside, Fry picked her up and carried her.]

Leela: Wow, I didn’t realize how strong you were.

[He laughed and kicked the bedroom door open.]

[The next morning, their alarm clock went off, and Leela smacked it. Rolling over, she saw Fry sleeping and smiled, resting her chin on his arm.]

Leela: (soft) Fry? Wake up.

[His eyes slowly opened, and he smiled when he saw Leela laying next to him.]

Fry: Hey,

Leela: Did you sleep well?

Fry: Yeah, did you?

Leela: Yeah.

[He rubbed his eyes, and sat up. Feeling the cold metal of his ring against his face he looked at it smiling.]

Fry: We’re married.

[Leela smiled and kissed him.]

Leela: Yeah, we are.

[Fry looked at her seductively and gently ran his fingers up her arm.]

Fry: So, you wanna…you know?

[Leela looked at the clock and groaned.]

Leela: I’d love to, but we have to be at my parents in 30 minutes.

Fry: Oh come on, please?

[Leela laughed and wrapped the blanket around her.]

Leela: You know we’ll have plenty of time for that when we’re on our honey moon, but for now, lets take a shower and get dressed.

[It took a minute for her words to register and Fry finally ran into the bathroom after she called after him.]

[Munda and Morris were sitting on the couch in their home waiting for Fry and Leela. Looking at the clock, it was 10:59 and they were suppose to be there at 11:00.]

Munda: How late do you think they’ll be?

Morris: I’m not sure. I’m guessing 30 minutes.

Munda: I’ll say 45.

Morris: You wanna make a bet?

Munda: Okay, $20.

Morris: Deal.

[They shook hands and the door bell rang.]

Munda: If that’s them, I’m gonna kill them.

[She opened the door and sure enough, she saw Fry and Leela standing there.]

Leela: Hi Mom.

Munda: Wow, your father and I thought that you’d be late.

Leela: Why would we be late?

Fry: Because it was our wedding night.

Leela: Oh, I cant believe I didn’t think about that!

Fry: See, that’s why I’m the professor.

[Leela elbowed him in the gut, and he bent over, holding his stomach.]

Munda: Well, good to see you’re already getting the hang of being married.

Morris: Yeah, trust me, it’s gonna get harder.

Fry: You mean we’ll be fighting more?

Morris: No. I mean if Leela’s anything like her mother, those punches will be getting harder.

[Fry laughed as Munda glared at Morris. Then, Leela and her mother both smacked their husbands across the back of the head. Fry took a seat next to Morris as they both rubbed their skulls.]

Munda: Leela will you help me in the kitchen?

[They left and Fry stopped rubbing his head. Morris noticed the bruise on his chin and pointed it out.]

Morris: How’d you get that?

[Fry explained how she punched him in the limo after the wedding and he laughed.]

Morris: Well she didn’t waste any time beating you, did she?

Leela: (OS) I heard that dad!

[Fry chuckled and Morris patted Fry’s shoulder.]

Morris: I know I didn’t get a chance to say this earlier, but welcome to the family son.

Fry: Thanks Dad.

[Munda poked her head out of the kitchen door at the two of them.]

Munda: Boys, come on. Breakfast is ready.

[Fry and Morris got up and walked into the kitchen.]

[A while later, Fry and Leela were sitting in the living room with her parents.]

Leela: So listen, we have some big news to tell you guys. Do you wanna tell them Fry, or should I?

Fry: You can if you want.

Munda: What’s going on?

Leela: Well,

[She took Fry’s hand and smiled.]

Leela: We’re going to have a baby.

[Munda and Morris’ jaws dropped and Fry put his arm around Leela.]

Munda: Really?

Fry: Yep, she’s pregnant.

Morris: That was fast.

[Munda smacked him.]

Munda: Is there a bigger idiot than you?

Morris: What?

Munda: Forget it. That’s wonderful news Leela.

[Munda gave both of them a tight bear hug and Morris did the same.]

Munda: When did you find out?

Leela: About two days ago.

Munda: So Fry, are you excited about being a dad?

Fry: Oh yeah. You know, playing catch, teaching them how to ride a bike, watching TV, helping with home work and science projects. I cant wait.

To be continued