Fan Fiction

Time Compression, Part 2
By Dwayne Anderson

Bender: What the hell is going on here?!

Farnsworth: I haven't felt this way since we almost got sucked into that black hole years ago on the Titanic!

Suddenly, the lights fade. Everything returns to normal, except for everyone being a little dizzy.

Hermes: I feel faint.

Amy: I feel nauseous.

Leela: Fry? Has anyone seen Fry? Where's Fry?!

Suddenly, Fry steps out of the Time Machine.

Leela: Fry!

Fry suddenly collapses forth. A familiar voice is heard.

Voice: Time Kompression has begun! All existence shall be denied! Now that I have achieved my goal, I have no use for this pitiful mortal any more! In less than three hours, the process will be kompleted, and all time will belong to me!

Mocking laughter was heard in everyone's ears. Then, everything became quiet.

Leela: Fry?!

Fry begins moaning.

Leela: He's alive!

Everyone helps Fry stand.

Leela: How are you doing Fry?

Fry: My head hurts. How long was I out for.

Farnsworth: A few seconds. Let me just double check on my watch.

He pulls back the sleeve on his lab coat. To his surprise, he notices that the hour is increasing, and the minutes decreasing.

Farnsworth: What's wrong? I just had this piece of hardware repaired three days ago!

Leela: Could it have something to do with Time Compression?

Fry: What are you guys talking about?

Zoidberg: Weren't you listening? We said that...

Fry: Never mind. For now, let me just go watch some television.

Fry walks over to the television to turn it on.

Amy (whispering to Leela): He seems normal to me.

Fry turns on the television.

Morbo: And so, it has been a swell New Year's day thus far. In other news, strange events have been happening all across the Earth. The Roman Empire was mysteriously restored and is under the rule of Julius Caesar.

Fry: Huh? I thought he was assassinated thousands of years ago!

Morbo: Camelot lives once again, with King Arthur as its king.

The others gather around the television.

Morbo: Tutankhamen, pharoah of Egypt when he was only a child has once again taken control of Egypt, with thousands of slaves building him a pyramid. Across the jungles of South America, witnesses have seen a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Fry: What's going on? What's happened to the world? Somebody pinch me, I think I'm dreaming.

Bender: Ok! (Pinches Fry)

Fry: Ow! Hey, that hurt! If I was dreaming, something like that wouldn't hurt me!

Farnsworth: Of course it wouldn't you idiot! This is real!

Fry: What's happening to the world? Did I have something to do with this?

Farnsworth: You gotta be kidding. You're the one who put the world in this shape.

Fry: Oh come on! I'll bet you guys couldn't think of another time I did something stupid.

Everyone raises their hand.

Fry: I stand corrected.

Everyone lowers their hand.

Leela: Fry, this isn't your fault. You were under someone's control.

Amy: Whoever she was, she used you to achieve Time Compression.

Fry: Time Compression? I feel like I've heard this somewhere before?

Farnsworth: I'll try to recover the data I've collected during that brain scan to determine who's responsible for your actions.

He turns on the computer which the brain scan device had been connected to. A piece of paper is removed from the printer, filled with information.

Farnsworth picks it up and reads it.

Farnsworth: My god! Whoever this vile woman is, she comes from the far future, one where none of us can exist!

Leela: How far?

Farnsworth: All it says here is "Data Incomplete". There's no direct answer to that question.

Fry: Problem solved!

Farnsworth: Not so fast!

Fry(slowly): Problem solved.

Farnsworth: It also says here that this vile woman sends her conciousness into the past to invade one's mind. It's enough to drive someone to the brink of insanity. Even for the most holy of men, only such a vile power could so utterly destroy him from within. She has also been searching for someone with a link to the past. That of course lies within Fry as he's from the past. She used Fry to send her conciousness even further into the past. The result: Time Compression!

Fry: This all seems very familiar. But I can't remember why.

Fry and the rest of the gang leave the Planet Express building.

To their surprise, they notice that not only are the people driving cars that float on air, but also standard automobiles with tires.

Fry: wait! Those cars! They're from my time period!

Leela: And what about the city from your time period? Isn't the old New York down below?

The Planet Express crew climb down into the sewer to where New York is. To their shock, the old New York looks just like it did back in Fry's time. They even notice that the Empire State Building seems to have poked its way through the pavement that New New Yorks stands upon.

To Leela's relief, mutants walked the streets with humans.

Leela: At least I know my parents are down here somewhere.

Fry: This gives me an idea! Maybe I can find my old family here!

He runs to the sidewalk and raises his arm.

Fry: Taxi!

A taxi soon pulls over.

Fry: Let's go guys!

Soon, the taxi pulled over by Fry's old house.

Fry is the first to climb out. He sees a familiar young man outside.

Fry: Yancey!

Yancey looks up.

Yancey: Phillip?! Is that really you?!

He stands and walks to the door and opens it.

Yancey: Mom! Dad! Honey! Phllip's home!

Yancey's wife, mother, and father come out.

Mrs. Fry: Phillip!

Fry: Mom! Dad! I'm home!

Fry runs to meet his old family.

Mr. Fry (hugging Fry): Phillip, we missed you so much! Even though you are the biggest mistake we ever made!

Mrs. Fry: Honey, our long lost son has finally returned! This calls for a celebration!

Yancey's wife: Wouldn't you know it? I finally have a brother-inlaw. Me and Yancey even named our son after him!

Leela and the others approach the Fry's.

Leela: Fry, are these people your family?

Yancey yelps in fright. So do his mom, dad, and wife.

Mr. Fry: What the heck is this?

Yancey: Ugh! I've never seen anything so hideous!

Leela: Oh that's not very nice. (Turns around, then back) It's just Dr. Zoidberg.

Fry: Mom, dad, Yancey, Yancey's wife, meet my friends.

Fry's mother, father, and sister-inlaw can't think of a word to say.