Fan Fiction

Time Compression, Part 4
By Dwayne Anderson

Meanwhile, in the downed Planet Express ship...

Kif: Is everyone ok?

Amy: I think so. I just wish we could say the same for the professor's ship. And look what happened to my hair! That electrical surge totally changed my hairstyle!

Bender: And my beer!

Farnsworth: Don't worry everyone! I built this ship, so I can repair it!

Amy: Well hurry professor! Who knows what's happening to Fry and Leela?!

Farnsworth opens the door to the ship and walks outside. He inspects the ship's hull. Where the beast had attacked, was a gaping hole.

Meanwhile, inside the ship, Kif tried to start the ship, but to no avail.

Kif: Swell! There's not enough power to start the engines!

Amy: Whatever that beast unleashed upon us, it must have short-curcuited a fuse or two.

Farnsworth comes back inside.

Farnsworth: We'll need to find another way to restart the ship's engines.

Everyone looks at Bender.

Bender: What?

Amy: Bender, remember when you had a craving for electricity years ago?

Bender: Yeah, and it led to a change in religion, and a trip to robot hell.

Farnsworth: And your body is made of metal, which is a conductor for electricity!

Amy: But where are we going to get some electricity?

Farnsworth: What about Bender's antenna? We could use it as a lightning rod!

Amy: But there's no thunderstorm currently!

Farnsworth: Wait! I've got an idea! Bender get outside while we open the hood!

Bender: Ok professor! I'm ready!

Farnsworth attempts to start the ship's engines. He is successful and the engines roar to life.

Farnsworth: It worked!

Amy: How did you know it would work?

Farnsworth: Bender's body is made of metal, which is an excellent conductor for electricity! And when that beast unleashed that electrical pulse upon us, Bender's body absorbed some of that energy. And now, thanks to Bender, we can get moving again!

Bender closes the ship's hood and returns into the ship.

Bender: Can we go now?

Amy: Take over Kif!

Kif sits into the pilot seat.

Kif: Let's go! We've got a universe to save!

At that very moment, Fry and Leela were carried off to the castle in the distance by the flying lion. They were dropped off onto the floor of an open roofed tower standing at the end of a balcony. In this circular chamber, columns stood all around. In the center, stood a golden pillar. On top, stood a throne. A woman sat upon it.

A purple spike-gloved hand was thrust forth, holding a silver medallion, which the beast disappeared into.

Leela was the first to move. She stood.

Leela: Fry? You ok?

She helped him up.

Suddenly, they heard chuckling.

Voice: Thought you might kome here!

Leela: That voice! It sounds so familiar!

Fry: And this room looks so familiar too!

Fry and Leela looked up to the throne. Sitting upon it, was a woman with long silver hair, wearing a red dress lined with black feathers, brown leather boots, and a small helmet colored red and yellow, with horns the same color of her hair. The tips of the horns were colored purple. The most distinguishing part of this woman, was her black raven wings. Purple markings were seen on the sides of her face, and across her bare legs.

Woman: Don't have much luck with ships, do you?

Leela: Who the heck are you?! Are you the one who messed with Fry's mind? Were you the one who unleashed that beast upon us? And did you start the process of Time Compression? Do you even realize the damage you're doing to our world?

Woman: You better believe it! I'm just getting warmed up! In less than half an hour, the process will be kompleted, and all time and space will belong to me!

Fry doesn't say anything. His eyes widen with shock. He recognizes this woman. All the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly.

Woman: Once the process of Time Kompression is kompleted, all existence will belong to me! And everyone except for me will be gone, your lives as well!

Leela: Well, we've come to stop you!

Woman: I am the most powerful living being in all existence! Bow down before me!

Fry: No way!

Woman: You, the one with the link to the past are all that stands between me and ultimate power? Pathetic!

Fry: You just made your fifth mistake Ultimecia! You insulted me! You also made your fourth mistake when you unleashed that beast upon us, your second mistake when you started the process of Time Compression, and your first mistake when you messed with my mind!

Ultimecia: Oh really?! Then what was my third mistake?

Fry: Letting me live!

Leela is shocked.

Leela: Fry you know her?

Fry: Of course! She's Ultimecia, a sorceress from the future, and the main villain of Final Fantasy 8! Good villain, but nothing wonderful like Sephiroth or Kefka. I should have known it was her from the moment I heard of Time Compression back at Planet Express!

Leela: Why didn't you?

Fry: Leela, being cyrogenetically frozen for a thousand years can really have an impact on your memory.

Ultimecia: When the process is kompleted, there will be a world in which only I kan exist! Time Kompression has also allowed me to absorb the power of every magic user who ever lived!

Fry: Save it time-bitch! I don't believe in witchcraft!

Leela: So that's why you wanted Time Compression! You want the entire world all for yourself and your personal greed for power! You care for no one but yourself!

Ultimecia: You are fools to khallenge me! I am all powerful!

Fry: Some all powerful! You couldn't even get rid of us with that beast!

Ultimecia: A problem that I shall deal with right now!

Ultimecia tosses the medallion onto the floor below. It disappears. Then, with an explosion of light, the beast that attacked their ship appeared once again.

Fry: Uh oh

Ultimecia: Griever, make them bleed! Destroy them so that I may thrive on their suffering!

The lion roars in understanding and turns to face Fry and Leela.

Leela: We're in for it now!

Griever begins flapping his wings and rises off above the floor.

Fry and Leela draw their weapons.

Fry: I'll tell you one thing Leela, no one's gonna cry when we put this pussy to sleep!

Fry and Leela begin to open fire. Griever dodges their blasts and flies down at them.

Leela: Look out!

They dive to the floor as Griever swings his talons.

Fry: You missed!

Griever swings his tail at Fry. The end of the tail has what looks like the end of a double-bladed axe. Fry also dodges that.

Fry: Missed again!

Griever swings both his talons at the same time, summoning a tornado.

Leela: Watch out Fry!

Before Fry can react, he's picked up by the tornado, carried around, and then tossed to the side like a rag doll. He slams into the wall.

Fry: Ouch!

Griever hovers above him.

Ultimecia: Destroy him!

Griever lifts his tail. But before he can deliver a fatal blow, a laser blast shoots through one of his wings, knocking him out of the air.

Seizing his chance, Fry grabs his own weapon and pulls the trigger. The laser cuts through Griever's other wing. Griever roars in agony.

Fry stands and runs away from him.

Suddenly, Fry is forced to the ground as Griever pounces on him. The winged lion opens his jaws. But before as they approach Fry's head, Leela delivers a swift kick to the face, knocking Griever off of Fry.

Leela helps Fry stand.

Griever suddenly stands and crosses his arms in an "X". Fry and Leela are surrounded by ominous clouds like in a hurricane. An electrical ball of light appears before Fry and Leela.

Fry: Uh oh! Here comes his Shockwave Pulsar!

But before Griever can unleash his ultimate power to destroy Fry and Leela, a powerful laser blast cuts through him. It was the Hi-Beams from the Planet Express Ship.

Roaring in agony, Griever was thrown up into the sky where he exploded into shards of lights, brightening up the sky. Some of these shards fell down below, accompanied by the humming of angels. Fry recognized that sound from Final Fantasy VIII after the third fight in the final battle.

The rest of the crew come out of the ship to meet them.

Bender: Fry!

Amy: Leela!

Leela: You're all alive!

Fry: We thought you guys were goners! And we would have been if you hadn't come!

Kif: Wasn't that the beast that attacked our ship earlier?

Leela: Yes it was. Now it's been destroyed!

Fry turns to the throne where Ultimecia sat.

Fry: In your face time-bitch!

But to his horror, Ultimecia was gone!

Amy: Fry, who are you talking to?

Leela: The vile woman who started it all. Apparently, she's a sorceress from the far future named Ultimecia.

Fry: I remember it all now guys! But something tells me that it's not over yet!

Suddenly, their surroundings fade to black. Stars shine all around them like they're in outer space.

Leela: What's going on?!

Everyone suddenly hears evil chuckling. They turn around. Several yards away stood their enemy.

Ultimecia: I didn't expect you to destroy Griever you predectable oafs. But now you've interfered for my plans for the last time! The process of Time Kompression shall komplete! And all existence denied!

Leela: What are you up to?

Ultimecia: Now, you shall have a taste of my true power!

Ultimecia's body is bathed in an unholy light and she begins to transform. Fry already knew what she would become.

The stars surrounding them were drawn to the light and vanished.

Amy: What's happening professor?

Farnsworth: Whatever she's transforming into, she's absorbing all time and space, absorbing all existence as we speak! Unless we stop her, there will be nothing left!

Finally the light fades. Where Ultimecia stood, was the exact same form in the final battle of Final Fantasy VIII. Fry recognizes it.

Ultimecia: This is my true form! What do you think?

Leela: Yikes! And I thought the Omnicrons were ugly!

Ultimecia: You have no idea, do you, what power I am kapable of! Allow me to demonstrate the true meaning of pain!

Fry: Go ahead, we'll watch.

Ultimecia: I mean on you!

Ultimecia begins to cast a spell, lights shinging in her purple hands. Then she thrusts them upward and lowers them.

Fry and the rest of the gang are enveloped by a red light. Fry realizes what is about to happen.

Fry: Uh oh! Here comes Hell's Judgement!

Leela: Fry, get out of here now!

Fry: But...!

But before Fry can finish, Leela pushes him out of the column of red light, just as fire erupts upward. The gang feels no pain, but they are severely weakened.

Fry stands up, only to see Leela and the others lying on the ground.

Fry: Guys! Leela! No!

Ultimecia laughs.

Fry turns to face Ultimecia.

Fry: Alright that's it! It's time you die!

He pulls out his silver laser pistol and fires at Ultimecia. But to his horror, they have no effect.

Ultimecia laughs.

Fry: Damn! It looks like I'll have to resort to Plan B!

Fry presses the button on top of the pistol. It grows a blade of green light.

Fry: Wow! Just like the Lionheart!

Ultimecia begins to draw power from the lower part of her body.

Fry: Uh oh! Not Apocalypse! I've got to act now!

Ultimecia begins to cast the spell.

Ultimecia: Time to die! The rest of your lives are gonna be measured in seconds!

Fry charges at his enemy. This was it. He was in a desparate battle. He could not fail, the fate of the future depended on it!

With all his might, he swings his sword. And again. And again. Fifteen times he does it aka "Lionheart".

Fry's furious attack seems to have weakened Ultimecia.

Ultimecia: Reflect back on your childhood.

Fry: I already know what happened back then! It was awful! I hated my childhood! I will not let you distract me.

He slashes at her again.

Ultimecia: Your sensations, your words, your emotions, no matter how hard you try, they escape you.

Fry: Shut the hell up!

He swings his sword again at her.

Ultimecia: Time, it cannot wait!

Fry: Enough talk time-bitch!

Ultimecia: And...

But before she can finish, Fry swings his weapon yet again.

Ultimecia grabs her head with both her hands and shakes. Explosions of light burst from her body. Light beams shine across the area. They sparkle over Fry's friends, strengthening them.

Then, there was a mighty bang of light. Fry and the others closed their eyes.

When the lights faded, they were back in Ultimecia's throne room of her castle. Ultimecia had returned to her human form. Her body swayed back sideways, and back and forth.

Fry approaches her with his weapon and thrusts the blade through her. Blood began to flow out of the wound.

Ultimecia opens her mouth to scream, but all she can do is gasp.

Fry releases the pistol's hilt and steps back.

Fry: When you get to Final Fantasy hell, say hi to Sephiroth and Kefka for me.

Ultimecia: No...it's not fair! I'll...kill you...!

But before she can finish, Ultimecia collapses to the floor. Light explodes from her body and she transforms into dust and disappears.

Fry: Life's not fair, but neither is death! Get used to it!

Bender: You did it Fry!

Leela: You've destroyed her power! Now everything can return to normal!

Suddenly, the castle begins to crumble and disappear.

Farnsworth: We must get back to the ship!

Fry: What's happening?

Farnsworth: Time is beginning to restore itself! Time Compression is being undone! In normal reality, this castle doesn't exist! We must get to the ship or we'll fall to the ground below!

Everyone rushes into the ship as fast as they can go.

Leela jumps into the pilot seat.

Suddenly, the ship begins to fall. The castle has disappeared.

Leela starts the ship's engines. The ship comes to life and begins to float.

Everyone cheers.

All over the world, time resolves itself. Things that happened in the past return to the past. The future is sent forward in time. Everything returns to normal.

Later, the crew arrive back at Planet Express.

Leela: Holy cow! Look at the time! It's past 1:00 in the morning! We'd better get to bed! Tomorrow is another day.

Bender: This sucks! We just saved the world, but no one will ever know who!

Fry: Bender, let's just put all of this behind us and pretend that none of it ever happened.

Fry suddenly remembers something. Lying on the table, was the package his mother had given him before he left. He walks over to the table and picks it up.

Upon opening it, Fry sees a framed picture of his family.

Written on the lower right corner, were these words:

"No matter where you go, you will always be our son.

"Love Mom"

A smile is brought to Fry's face, along with a tear dripping down his face.

Later, Fry is in his bedroom in the closet of Bender's apartment. He puts the picture near his bed.

Fry: Thanks mom. I know I may never see you guys again, but I'll always remember you, dad, Yancey, and everyone else. Now, my friends, and Leela, are my new family. I'll never forget you and everyone else I've left behind. This is where I belong. I'm home.

Fry undressed, put on his pajamas, turned out the light, and climbed into bed. Even though tomorrow was another day, the future looked bright.


The End