Fan Fiction

Time Runs Short, Part 5
By Frysgal77

Chapter 5

Fry put down his holophoner and admired his work. He had felt so inspired, so excited about Leela's actions. Has she really started to like me? He thought to himself, taking apart his holophoner and tucking the case safely under his bed.

He looked around his room. Various clothes, pizza boxes, and pieces of trash were staring back at him. Even though his lights were on, he could still se the faint moon and star light mixing in with the hard, brown wood of the floor. He fell back on his bed, hands behind his head and let the most satisfied smile form on his lips.

        Leela lay on her back, staring at the ceiling. She was shocked, yet proud of herself for acting the way she did today. She was actually very content with her results. She thought about her future.or what was left of it. The next few weeks had to be special, even if the time was running short. Don't screw it up, don't screw it up, she told herself mentally.

She rolled over onto her side. How could she mess this up? Oh, of course you're not going to screw it up. You already have! She slapped herself mentally until she started to feel a headache. She moaned and flipped herself over again, now she was on her other side. "Maybe...I can fix this," she said to herself, while Nibbler made himself comfortable on her head.

"Nibbler!" she said, and laughed, letting him lie there. She let sleep come over her and hoped for the best tomorrow.

        Fry got up the next morning and headed for the shower. He figured that he should probably start practicing good hygiene if he wanted Leela to notice him. But then he thought about how Leela had said that she liked the way he was acting... or the way he was. He scrubbed his hair under the running water. He quickly got out and wrapped a towel around his self. He picked out his regular wardrobe and put it on. He shook his head and made sure that it would dry by itself and headed for the phone.

He picked up the receiver and dialed the number on the control panel. It rang for a few moments and soon, Leela answered.

"Fry?" she asked groggily as her picture became clear on the screen.

"Hi, Leela," he said happily.

"Fry, it's nine-thirty in the morning," she said, and wrapped her robe tighter around her.

"Oh... well, good morning," he said happily again.

"You don't usually wake up till twelve in the afternoon on the weekends; I'm not even awake right now," she said, yawning.

"Sorry, I was just..."

"Bored?" she asked and smiled.

"Yeah, that's it."

"Tell ya what, let me get dressed and...did you take a shower!?"

"Oh, yea, I did."

"Wow...well, anyways, let me get dressed and we can go for some coffee and talk then. How about it?" she asked, letting her heart talk for her, completely ignoring her head, and watching it all happen as if it were a movie.

"That would be great! I'll be over at your house in thirty!" he said and hung up.

What the hell am I doing? Her mind asked her over and over after he hung up. She sighed and headed towards her shower.