Futurama Fan Photos

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This was done on a snowy day back in January (2013). I've always been a big Fry and Leela 'ship supporter and wanted to do something to show it. And boom! Like lightning it hit me, Fry's been playing the Holophoner for years now and surely he's had to have gotten substantially better at it (yes, I know it's "Fry" we're talking about here) but with the right "inspiration" he can truly show what can master his skills. Finding the right way to design it was a challenge in itself, but after finding the right images and a little modifying, this 3 hour and 24 minute idea was a reality. Funny enough the man who did it (Billy Jacks Tattoos) had done a Homer Simpson tattoo a few days earlier!  I'm proud of my ink and want to share with other fanatics like myself.