Futurama Fan Photos

Whatever James
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Futurama-themed cross stitch made for Valentine's day.  Quote from "Leela's Homeworld" This is from The Why of Fry and it is my absolute favorite line delivery by Billy West. I still laugh every time I see it. The red/blue/orange scheme is inspired by Fry. I originally posted at www.craftster.org and it's gotten some great feedback there so I wanted to share with my fellow Futurama fans too! I FINALLY just beat Gears of War 2 for XBox 360 and some of the makers get to have there picture and special thanks shown.  The pic is of Mikey Spano who starts his thanks with "My Only Regret Is That I Have Bonitis!".  I just love it when Futurama comes up in some of the least likely places! Carved by fairysari at craftster.org.  See the October 31, 2009 news update for details and link.