You're a Bad One, Mr Bender

Song By Woodbot 2.0

(Bender is seen with a giant sack walking down the streets of New New York. He turns around and signals someone to come over. Suddenly, a very tired Zoidberg pulls a sleigh over to Bender)

Narrator: You're A Bad One, Mr. Bender,
You really, really are a bad guy
You're as smart as a mule
And handsome as a fly
Mr. Bender

You're like ice cream with a knife
I hope you die
(Bender reaches down the chimney and pulls up presents from under a tree. He throws a sack down to Zoidberg, who is crushed under the weight of it)

You're a bad egg, Mr. Bender.
Your chest is as empty as your head
Your mouth is filled with bad words
You're so cold, it's like you're dead
Mr. Bender

I wouldn't touch you, even if
You could stop the blood shed
(Bender steals a jewelry box from Amy's room. He throws it out the window to Zoidberg. The box hits his head, causing him to fall over)

You're a butt hole, Mr. Bender
You have brain slugs in your arm
You have the nice smell
Of a cow from the farm
Mr. Bender

Given a chance to go to a movie with one of you
I'd go with the cow from the farm
(Bender throws down some silver ware to Zoidberg. The silver ware falls on Zoidberg, but he has helmet on and the silver ware doesn't hurt him. Then Bender sends down a flaming log that catches the helmet on fire)

You're a cruel one, Mr. Bender
You're a racist robot
Your ass is filled with evil
And it squashed a droid the size of a dot
Mr. Bender

The three best words to describe you
Are “You” “Have, “Rot”
(Bender throws down a laser to Zoidberg. Zoidberg, looking really mad, aims the laser at Bender, but it bounces off a window and hits him, causing him to fall over)

You're a dumb guy, Mr. Bender
Your IQ is 0.1
Your good looks lower than a walrus
You look like a corpse that's skin is eaten and gone
Mr. Bender

Your face is mangled up,
And it looks very disgraceful
Like some Halloween mask,
That has been shot 64 times with a gun
(Bender throws down a pile of sacks, covering Zoidberg. Zoidberg's claw rises out of the pile, holding a white flag)

You make me throw up, Mr. Bender
Your stench makes me spit out my lunch
You smell worse than a thrown out dinner from last week
Not even a desperate fembot would like to take you to brunch
Mr. Bender.

You are a quadruple horse radish hamburger
That no one would like to munch!
(Zoidberg dances happily in the street. Then, Bender runs over him with his sleigh, making him fall in the snow)