Blame TV

Song By Woodbot 2.0

(Based on South Park's "Blame Canada", which was sung in their film Bigger, Louder and Uncut)

(The Planet Express crew, except Bender and Fry, are at a meeting hall. The Professor is at the podium, with a chart at his side)
Professor, says: As you can see from the chart, we are losing giant numbers of sales and Fry and Bender are not coming to work anymore and it is all because of one source.
Leela: But what is the source?
Professor: Oh, that's easy.

Professor, singing: Times have changed.
Our sales are getting worse.
And Fry and Bender don't want to come to work.
They just want to fart and curse!
Hermes: Should we blame Nixon?
Amy: Well, we shouldn't blame me.
Zoidberg: Or should we blame the images on T.V?
Professor: Damn straight! Blame TV!
Everyone: Blame TV!
Professor: Now this is our new mission:
We must put TV out of commission!
(The crew storms out of the hall and march down the street)
All: Blame TV! Blame TV!
Professor: We need to form an armed assault, causes.
All: It's TV's fault!

(Outside the ABC network, the crew sets up a podium and talk to crowds of people. Leela is at the podium)
Leela: Don't blame me,
For my friend Fry,
He is became an addict to TV
And now that's why his brain will rot and die!

Zoidberg: And my friend Bender,
Once came to work himself,
But know that he doesn't come
It's crushed my mental health!
(The Professor pushes him out of the way and runs to the podium)
Professor: Then let's Blame TV!
PE crew and crowd: Blame TV!
Professor: Everyone seems to have been screwed
Since TVs and eyes became glued
(Everyone looks up and sees Scruffy in a plane, sky writing the words 'Blame TV')
All: Blame TV! Blame TV!
Scruffy: It was getting boring, anyway.

Hermes: My son practiced limbo twice a week for an hour or two,
But because of TV, this is no longer true!
Crowd: Should we blame NBC?
Or should we blame UPN?
Or should we blame the bastards at FOX Infinity?
Professor: Hell no! Blame All TV! Blame TV!
With all there crazy Scary Door
Zoidberg: It made me collapse on the floor.
All: Blame TV! Blame TV!
Professor: For.
All: Hypno Toad must be stopped; Scary Door's a flop,
Family programming, needs a bloody shaving
We must blame it and redeem our job
So let's create an angry MOOOBBBBB!!!