Song by DSS

Sung to the tune Honeybabysweetiedoll by Van Halen

You’re the hottest or weirdest of them all
Leela-mutant your eye’s a flame
I’m burnin’ to death, and you’re to blame
I’m gonna count the ways that make you rock the mutant world
Stone-soul-sistah, tentacle-armed mom
Side-mouth dad ‘n’ spheroboom

Orphan-lover, angel-faces
Robot Devil-dolls, you straight-up-aces

I’m a bad little delivery boy
Send me to the sewers
Let’s get this done now
Let’s not stop this in a thousand years

Rollin’ like the galaxy
When the stars are brightest
I’m a face-kaboom-boom
With the leech upon my knee

Leela-mutant, sewer-chick
Kinda-weird, sorta-hot
I love both and don’t give a crap on which
You’re gonna crash the starship
You red-hot sewer mutant
Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about