Leela In My Dreams

Poem by DSS

One night I went to bed
I slid onto it like a sled
I doze
In the the dream
I'm on the top of
A mountain and the top is shaped
Like the crater of a volcano
A lake was in the center and sun was bright
Someone rose from the horizon

It was a woman
She had long hair
She had pink lips
And one eye

I walked slowly towards her
I ask,"Who are you,ma'am?"
She replies,"I'm Leela. Who are you?"
I was to nervous to say my own name
She giggled
"That's OK,you don't have to say your name."
I grinned
She was very pretty
I was nervous,though
I didn't want her to reject me
She looked out upon a lake nearby
"C'mon,follow me."she said brightly
I follow
Roses were growing in a bush
Next to me
I picked some and planned
To suprise Leela with them

At the lake,Leela sat down
I sat next to her
"Hey,Leela,"I said,"I have somthing for you."
I pull out the roses
"Awww,thank you."Leela said softly
She kissed my cheek

"I'll never wash this cheek again."I thought

We lay on the soft grass looking
At the sky
I had never had a dream like this before

I wake
I felt happier than ever
I hope to have a dream
Like that again.....