Earthworm Fry

Parody by Teral

Inspired by this artwork by Alenacat.

Earthworm Fry,
From the past he did came
Earthworm Fry,
Tricked by a joke that was really lame
Fry was just a lazy beer,
drinking tube of skin, flash
But all that came to a crash
And gave him a new career

Earthworm Fry,
He's such a groovy guy
Earthworm Fry,
He rockets through the sky

Cruising through the universe
Having lots of fun,
Here comes Earthworm Fry you know
That he's the mighty one

--- Look out ---

Despite working like a slave
And his missing delta wave

Fry is still an Earthworm
But then he's the only one,
who made the nasty pasty and became his own granddad
Fry can be a winner if we only sing along...

Earthworm Fry,
We think he's mighty fine
Earthworm Fry,
A hero for all time


Earthworm Fry
Hooray for Fryyyyyyy