Some Futurama Limericks by Anonymous

There once was a man named Fry
Who over Leela would cry
It's not that he wouldn't
Twas that she couldn't
See eye to eye to eye

Poor Amy was left with a gripe
She'd bought into the Farnsworth hype
Thought she'd be like a daughter
But blood's thicker than water
And in this sense it seems she's his type

There once was a robot named Bender
Whose ancestor was an old Buick fender
He thought it'd be swell
To planet express to Robot hell
But he got bounced, "return to sender"

The ships Doctor's not the real McCoy,
Nor a hologram or even a decoy
It's more like a lobster
Crossed with a mobster
(hey, trying to rhyme Zoidberg's no joy)

Leela’s our number one lass
Planet express heroine, the dame with the class
She’s no second fiddle
More like an answer to a riddle
What’s got one eye, purple hair and kicks ass?

Professor Farnsworth’s second to none
A million inventions and he still isn’t done
But while he seems an old dear
He can strike ‘em with fear
Simply by shouting out, “Good news everyone!”

Hermes, financial trimmer of pork
Can limbo with plenty of torque
But his number one praise is
His turning of phrases
Like sweet Marabou Stork of New New York.