Hello Leela

Song By Dwayne Anderson

Hello Leela (Parody of Jack Lawrence's Linda (1946))

When I go to sleep, I never count sheep,
I count all the charms about Leela,
Cause lately it seems, in all of my dreams,
I walk with my arms around Leela.

But what good does it do me,
If Leela doesn't know how I feel?
I can't help feeling gloomy,
But with a kiss, our love could be sealed.

Everyday We meet at work, Zapp Brannigan's a jerk,
I'd say to myself "Hello Leela".
If only she'd smile, we'd stop for a while,
And then I would get to know Leela.

Cause miracles still happen,
And when my lucky star begins to shine,
With one lucky break,
I'll make Leela mine.