Song By ELF

(Parody of Britney Spears' "Lucky")

This is the story about a delivery girl named Leela.

Early mornin'
She'd wake up,
Cuz Nibbler's scratchin'
On the door.

It's time for work now,
Perfect smile,
Fry's the one you're
Waitin' for.

He goes...
"Aren't you so lovely, this
one-eyed woman?"
And he say...

"You're so lovely, you're a star."
But she fights, fights, fights just to save his life
If there's nothing about him I don't like
Why do I not love him back?

Lost out in space,
In hyper-sleep,
But Fry's not there to wake her up.
And the worlds keep passin'
But the ships just goin' faster

So tell me, who's there to make it stop?
They go...
Aren't you so lovely,
You one-eyed woman?
And they say...


Fry: Leela saved the ship!

Hermes: Best employee, and the winner is... Leela!

Fry: Leela saved the ship!

Linda: I'm Linda for V2 waiting for Leela the ship-saver - OH MY GOD! Here she comes!

Isn't she lovely, this
One-eyed woman?

She is so lovely,
But why does she fight?
If there is nothing about him she doesn't like
Why does she not love him back?

CHORUS- repeat