It's Hard to Be Lock Out on Xmas

Song By Woodbot 2.0

(Based on South Park's "It's Hard to Be a Jew on Christmas")

(The Planet Express crew is outside, in the snowy New New York just outside the P.E building. The Professor blows a whistle. Everyone runs inside. The door is slammed and locked before Zoidberg can get in. Zoidberg, very sadly, walks out into the street)

Zoidberg, singing: It's Hard to be locked out on X-mas,
The crew locks me outside every year
Instead of being warm, I feel so very cold
Instead of hot X-mas parrot, I have to eat mushy dumpster mold
I try to dodge the lasers as Santa kills the young and old
I'm locked out ,oh so locked out, on X-mas

(Zoidberg climbs up to the smell-o-scope room and watches the crew from the window. He loses his balance and falls down into the dumpster)

Zoidberg, singing: Sleeping outside is nice, but why is it
That I have to stay out on the most dangerous night of the year?
Instead of feeing happy, I feel like starting a feud
Instead of singing cheerful carols, I am singing a song with a sad mood
And why can't I sue Farnsworth's butt for racism
Tell me why?

So, I'm locked out, I'm locked out
I try to tell them up there,
But they can't here me shout