My Cyclops

Song By Fry's Lady

(Based on "My Alien" by Simple Plan)

I'm sick of being scared, when are you coming to the P.E. ship?
Just a glimpse of your face
I can remember seeing your happy face, I'll meet you there
Somewhere that no one can see us
Somewhere where no one will know our feelings

She has two arms to hold me
One eye to look at me
She's not your typical mutant on the surface
She's my cyclops
My cyclops

She knows when something is wrong, when something
doesn't belong
She can kick asses
And she can be proud to be an orphan, even though all
she wanted was a mom and dad
She remembers me in her heart
She can take me to the place that she calls home,
in the NNY sewer that will someday be my home
Please take me to your leader
Tell them I will marry her
I will marry her