My Fondest

By Kriebs

To the one who means the most to me.
It started the day I awoke in this time and I wondered.
The Future!
What is it?
And where will it take me on the journey of my life span?
I have hopes and dreams.
This one is my fondest.
So here we are together, and youíre in front of me at last.
And under this veil of stars I knelt to the deck.
So here it goes.
I figured what the heck!
For you, this is what I want to proclaim.
And God! I sure I hope it doesnít sound lame.
My better half is what I have been longing for.
The desire for you my Darling.
I long for your beauty.
In the grace of your step.
In the luster of your eye.
In the beautiful melody of your voice.
In the softness of your laughter and sigh.
In the harmony that you bring me.
I feel in you the most winning endearments.
In your burning enthusiasms.
In your gentle charities.
In your strength and devotional endurance.
In your wonderful touch and beloved embrace.
Above all. Far above all. Would be to give back the purity, strength, and all together divine majesty of your love.
I give you my smile and expectantly wait, but no words do you give.
My heart might just break.
I mutter that Iím sorry.
I know it should be more, and Iíd gladly move the stars again.
Just like I did once before.
Then your expression radiates brighter than all.
No star can compare to the luminance and grandeur of it all.
In a voice that resounds clear and true. You proclaim. I Love You!
Then four soft words you utter in contrast.
Too astonished I was to respond right away, but then in typical fashion I couldnít help but say.
Wasnít I supposed to ask you?!
Way to go genius! You did it again. Ruined the moment, but just then.
She responds in a little chuckle, and gives a gentle sigh.
She was still waiting for my reply!
In me, a little voice spoke up clear and true. What the hellís wrong with you! Come on now. Donít make her wait. You better move it buster, before she becomes irate!
I shout it to the stars for her to be sure. Yes!!! A thousand times over and more!
We come together at last in a passionate embrace and kiss and to promise from here at this place.
We can start our journey together now, and be forever more.
As we travel down the road of life together to see what is in store.
Through the Best of Times and the Worst of Times, Fry and Leela shall endure!