Perfect Life

Song By Soulkid2000

(Song for Soukid2000's Perfect Fry fiction)

Spy and rap music start.

"Perfect Life"

Fry: I used to be a simple guy who played a lot of video games,

Mario: Then I take a look at my pasta and realize it's never plain.

Leela: But that's just perfect for a one-eyed lady like me

Bender: I steal shiny things like a lot bling bling bling.

Donkey Kong: At 4:30 in the morning I try to kill those near here,

Phil: Prof. Dollar feeds his pets and Brett rocks, just kidding.

Brett: I have been crying so long.

Homer: Even Lisa thinks I'm still dead for now...

Prof. Dollar: I'm the cheapest of this land, and I'm into boringness.

Brett: I got a bible on my hand and a wig on my head.

Mario: But if I finish cooking all the pasta and all of you wake up.

Homer and Bender: Then we're going party like it's 2999.

The staff: We been spending most our lifes. Living in a perfect life. We've been working like elves, Living in a perfect life. There's hard shooting and sacrifices, Living in a perfect life. We sell cheap video games at discount prices, Living in a perfect life.

Mario: Hitchin' up the buggy, makin' lots of pasta.

Bender: Raised a poker game on Monday, soon I'll make another.

Homer: Think you're really sexy. Think you're pure of heart. Well, everyone knows my wife is a million times as better as you.

Phil: So don't be vain and don't be whiny or else...

Fry: Me and Leela might just have to get medieval on your ::beep::

The staff: We been spending most our lives, Living in a perfect life, We're all crazy non-civilians, Living in a perfect life, We wish there was no bad FBI and noisy cows, Living in a perfect life, But it's okay someone better Brett is here, Living in a perfect life!!!!!!!!!!!