A Million to One

Poem by Mattybwoy

Leela is a kick ass lady,
Unimpulsive, clever and young,
She's always been chased by her co-worker Fry,
The pizza delivering bum.

Fry is a delivery boy,
Impulsive, stupid and young,
So the chances of him and Leela together,
Are a million to one.

So why does Fry keep trying?
Why doesn't he give up?
'Cos without that seven leaf clover,
He just doesn't have any luck.

Leela just keeps pushing him away,
Yet he's better than any other guy,
Zapp, Alkazar, Chaz and Sal,
They're much, much worse than Fry!

I suppose what puts Leela off,
Is that Fry has had all the woman in the sack,
Umbriel, Morgan, and Amy too,
Yep, even his Gran went the full whack.

There mighta been something,
Going back to the start
They held each others hands,
But Bender joined in and made them part.

And on the ill fated lesuire cruise,
Where Fry and Leela almost kissed,
They were only centimetres apart,
When the ship crashed and they missed.

I suppose if Fry became responsble,
Cleaner, more focused but still fun,
Fry and Leela would be together...
But the chances of that are still a million to one.