Last Chance

Poem by Leela's Twin

They learned their fate a while ago
And soon they realized
That was what had caused the fear
In fans' wide, staring eyes.

They were gonna die, they had to go,
FOX wouldn't keep them anymore,
And that's about the time when they
Knew they would hit the floor.

They had no hope,
They had no chance,
Except if you count
The plight of the fans.

It seemed like a waste
'Cause it probably wouldn't go
But we just can't let FOX
Cancel that show!

The aftermath could be good or maybe bad
But probably the latter,
'Cause it probably won't make any difference,
To them, it just won't matter.

Later on, Fry and Leela embraced,
Hoping to survive,
But FOX was probably gonna
Replace them with reality, live.

They thought for a moment, not really for long,
Leela, fingered that thing on her wrist,
And they embraced again, maybe for the last time,
As they shared what would be their last kiss.