Leela's Eye

Poem by Lee Roberts

Fry wants to impress Leela and give her a poem. Sadly, and yet non-surprisingly, he can't rhyme too well. In the end, he asked Bender to help him... bad mistake, but never mind. (Bender's parts of the poem are done in red)

I wake up every morning
I Look up at my dressingtable
There I see her glimming

I love her
Leela's Eye is so delightful
I love her car
It's warm and nice
Leela's Eye is like petrol oil

I love her.

I go to bed every night
I look up at my dressing table
There her passionate fight

I love her
Leela's Eye is a star
I love her house
It's great for hiding places
Leela's Eye is like my bar

I love her.


by Fry and Bender