Song by Willy Pete

Granted, the original song is a bit obscure, but not TOO much so, and besides, I couldn't resist. I think Wierd Al did a Lola spoof once, "Yoda"... Eventually he might have done another, but I got here first and I'm calling dibs.

Sung by Billy West, to the tune of "Lola" by the Kinks.

So I'm chillin' New Year's Eve in the cryo-lab,
with a six-pack of suds and some jackass's unwanted meal-ah,
M-E-A-L Meal-ah.

I guess it wasn't bright to topple into the tube,
but if I hadn't, you know, I never would have met Leela;
L-E-E-L-A Leela, luh luh luh Leela...

Well, I'm not the world's most panicky guy,
but when she told me my new job it nearly blew my mind,
Oh my Leela, luh luh luh Leela, luh luh luh Leela...

Well she doesn't look dumb, so I can't understand
Why she thinks I'm gonna let her put that chip in my hand...
Sorry, Leela, luh luh luh Leela, luh luh luh Leela...

I led her on a chase across half of the town,
She cornered me at last deep under the ground,
set aside her nasty little implanting gun,
and said, "Kid, I know exactly where you're coming from."

Well, I'm not the world's most emotional guy,
but when I looked in her eye,
I knew that I'd fallen for Leela,
luh luh luh Leela. Luh luh luh Leela...

She took the gun in her grip,
she pulled out her chip,
studied it for a time,
then dropped it into the grime.
I looked at her, and she at me,

Well we patched things up and we're friends today,
and I always want to be that way with my Leela,
luh luh luh Leela...

It's good to know I've got an ally like her,
'cause it's a screwed-up, Doug Adams kind-of-a-world,
except for Leela. Luh luh luh Leela, Luh luh luh Leela...

Well, I left it all behind a thousand years before,
And I'd never ever gotten frozen before.
Every time I think about it makes me go cross-eyed,
But I must admit it's been one hell of a ride.

Well, it's not my world and I feel out of place,
but at least I've got a nifty new job in space,
and so has Leela.
Luh luh luh Leela, luh luh luh Leela......