Wonderful Tonight

Song by Marcus

Wonderful Tonight, to the tune of 'Wonderful Tonight' by Eric Clapton. Dedicated to LeelaLoverMatt. 'Who knows what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil?'

It's late in the evening,
I'm walking outside some bar -
Look, under the streetlight
Leaning against my car...
How could it be her?
Can it really be true?
Then she says "Yes,
Matthew I've come for you."

We go to the spaceship,
And she puts her hand in mine.
My heart starts to quiver,
And her one eye starts to shine.
And then she asks me -
Do I feel alright?
And I say "Yes,
I feel wonderful tonight."

Then she she leads me through
To the rest of the crew,
Who stare, shocked and surprised,
She says "I know you'll treat me right,
Not dump me like the other guys."

It's time to go now,
And everyone leaves the room.
It's just Leela and me there,
She tells me we'll be home soon.
And then I ask her,
As she turns down the lights,
I say "Darling,
Oh let me be yours tonight."

"Matt, my true love,
You're mine, all mine tonight."

(backing vocalists):-

You look wonderful,
You're everything I need and more,
You look wonderful,
So beautiful tonight,
You look wonderful,
You'll never leave me wanting more,
You look wonderful,
So beautiful tonight.

(repeat to fade...)