Still Want Futurama Back

Rap By Alexei 'Pimpinslacker' Ehrensperger

Alexei 'Pimpinslacker' Ehrensperger sings to his rap, with backing music (3.1MB)

STILL WANT FUTURAMA BACK by Alexei 'Pimpinslacker' E.

Note: I've made this rap more user-friendly, or rapper-friendly or whatever you want to call it. See the bold, underlined letters? If you have a 4/4 beat then each of the four letters in a line comes to lie precisely (well, more or less) on the appropriate beat. This should make it a lot easier for you if you'd like to rap this yourself. Mail me if you got any questions, fanmail or hatemail. Though I'll probably just ignore the last. Oh yeah, lemme know if you want an instrumental version of the song and I'll send it to ya.


Alright. This is my second rap song about Futurama
and it's got some feeling to it so, just listen.

When I look
back on the show that brought me so many laughs I wonder
how Fox could stab me and its* fans in the back. Why did they
do the one thing I feared the most, more than
ghosts and TV hosts with shit up their nose. Yet

one more good thing shut down before it's time. That's why I'm
writin' a rhyme so I can open my mind to
y'all. Even in my second rap I don't curse cause it
hurts when I think of bad words and Futurama at the

same time. Fox ain't worth a dime, not a cent, they're not
decent they're criminals --message subliminal--.
Dennis Wilson, shove that C&D up your
ass. Sure, we laughed at that but still want Futurama

back it's just funnier than you acting like a girl. Wanna
banish TLZ from this world? Gotta get up
earlier than that to do it. You blew it. Not that I'm on your side,
screw you and your little friends. This is where your story ends.


Hear my voice! Don't make the wrong choice, keep it runnin.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah


Dear old
Rupert, you really look like one of the men who shave in
places other than above the neck. You selfish
dog! Walkin around not caring about us. Where would you
be without us, man? [Sleepin in a trash can]

"Oh, look at me, I'm so rich and so powerful." -Man, you
suck, Rupert, you blow. Futurama was wonderful but you
had it cancelled. Didnya**, dog, didnya? I guess I'll
meet you bastard one day in hell, to hear you yell.

Hear my voice! Don't make the wrong choice, keep it runnin the fast
track we want Futurama back you bastards get off your
asses and order new episodes now. We're your
fans, goddammit, without us you ain't crap.


And that's all there is to it. I mean, it's ok to make a stupid decision once
in a while but this one crossed the line. We've sent them letters, we've
sent em mails and still they didn't order new episodes. Just crazy.


*the "it's" refers to the show of course, not to Fox.
** =''didn't you''