Superman Futurama Parody

Song By Sgt Wilco

(Based on Five for Fighting's "Superman")

I canít stand the pain
I canít be relieved Iím no more aloft
Than I was on New Yearís Eve

Iím down on my luck
And out of my league
I donít think a common fool could fail to see
That itís not easy to be me

I might spend my life
Crashing on my knees
Exhausted from the run
To the goal Iíll never see

Yeah, down on my luck
And out of my league
Are just two endless states attached to me
With every attempt
The more that I see
That every one just brings more misery
No, itís not easy to be me

Each time just outside, outside my reach
Itís just not right
I cannot sleep sound at night
Iím not crazy... for now at least

I canít stand thepain
I canít be relived
Men werenít meant to die
Chasing down a fruitless dream

Iím only a man, and I start to see
That beiní left breathless means you cannot breathe
Only a man who canít reach his dream
I shoulda lost hope by now but somehow I still believe
I still believe, yeah I still!
I still believe

Iím only a man whose fortuneís unreal
A victim of fate with a will of steel
Iím only a man whose luck is deplete
No itís not easy
Itís not easy to be me