Poem by Jessica Tommassello (FemJesse)

I will remember the day you told me that you did not love me for who I was
The scene is burned into my mind and I cannot drive it away
Sometimes when I look to you I will have hope,
But my eyes cannot reach you fully
You think I am staring you in the chest for another reason
When the truth is

When I see a streak of darkness every day that follows
I can not look at your accusing face any more
When you returned my hope and life to me
And pushed me away from you.

I would give most anything for the ability to express
That I have feelings for you beyond making love
I have never been very good with piecing words,
I shy away and massage my neck
It is not a crush, and I will proove that - to you that I owe my life
You make me safe

When you took my hand and held me high above the city lights
I would have fallen had you not been there
So I risked my life again to gauge how much
You might have loved me in return.

Answers do not come easily, seeming shot down in my prime
Maybe if we could be brought together by the passing of days
Valentines are fun to spend along your side
Even though we are not involved
I will not think things that you do not want me to.

The shocking things I would do; write you love notes in the stars
Just you look my way, and maybe you could best me
And that would make me love you more
When the pulling is in my chest
Please understand that I touch you for other reasons
When you know

Maybe there really is no hope for us, and I am searching in the void
I would like to call out to you and save you from yourself
What happened to your free spirit, I do not understand
I would like you to let me finish my thoughts for once
Or at least be in the same room with me, and hear the truth
Are you so broken?

Things are better the next day, and its the same old flavor
It doesn't last very long, but you'll return to him again
When I lie alone and stare at the hammock above me
Knowing exactly "what he's got that I don't..."

Sometimes the television is walked in front of, and your voice reverberates in my head
I can hear you saying things to me, and feel you pulling me off the sofa
Your words are harsh, but my heart warms to your touch
No matter how rough you try to be...
I am felt by you.

Maybe there is uncertainty when you tell me I'm just your friend
An inflection I have distinguished from your repetoire
What do you have that makes me come back repeatedly
I know what I lack that makes me so unbearable

Maybe in another time and place we were made immortal
Our chances gone with a grain of sand
Or even the flip of a coin...
I keep playing my song, though poorly
And though it breaks me down inside
That I will never fully have your attention
And you will never hear how it ends.