Future Fitness Q&A

WS&F: It's the year 3000. What's your workout?

Leela: For cardio, I kickbox with an intelligent grasshopper from Arcturus--six legs means you have to dodge a lot of kicks. For strength, I fly the spaceship out to a low-gravity region and bench-press it.

WS&F: What sports do you play?

Leela: I'm training for the Titanium Triathlon, which involves pedaling a human-powered spaceship to Jupiter, swimming a lap around its liquid helium-hydrogen surface and fighting a floating ball with a light saber.

WS&F: Do you consider muscles sexy?

Leela: Yes. The Fungus People of Ophiuchi XII don't have any muscles at all, and when's the last time one of them got a date?

WS&F: Has technology replaced manual labor in the thirtieth century?

Leela: It has replaced manual labor, mental labor and leisure. I keep in shape because I think it will all crash with the Y3K problem.